Steps to Generate an OnBase Electronic PARF:

  1. You must use Internet Explorer. Chrome is not compatible with OnBase.
  2. In the address bar, type Press the enter key. 
  3. This is the Personnel Action Request Form Main Menu. 
  4. First choose classification option. Second, from the CHOOSE FORM drop down menu, select the PARF FORM (see table below). Click on the SUBMIT button. 
  5. Complete the required fields on the PARF and type in any comments in the box located at the bottom of the form if needed. The comments field can be used to include any necessary appeals. When complete, click the SUBMIT button. 
    • Employee Identification # (EIN): Type in your employee identification number (EIN).  Hit TAB. Your social security number will be encrypted and your name  will fill-in. Do not type in your social security or name. 
    • Site/Department: Use the drop down menu to select your site. Hit the alpha key that corresponds with the first letter of your site. Arrow or scroll down until your site name appears in the box. 
    • E-mail: Type in the MPS e-mail address where notification should be sent  (do not add This must be an MPS e-mail address. The system will not recognize an external e-mail address. 
    • Start or Stop Date: The system requires a specific date format (mm/dd/yyyy) and calendars are provided to assist you. 
  6. If any required fields (those marked with a red *) have been omitted, a message will appear to complete said field and direct you back to that section of the PARF. Click the SUBMIT button when  corrections are complete. 
  7. If after submitting a PARF you receive the message:  “The keywords on the E-form failed to save. Ensure that no valid keyword values were entered.” The PARF was not successfully submitted and you will have to start anew. 
  8. Upon successfully submitting a PARF you will get the following message: Thank you for submitting your PARF.  Select “New Form” if you want to create another PARF. Select “Cancel” to close the current window. 

Do Not Use the Back Arrow. If you do, you will see the PARF you just submitted and think, “It didn't take.” But it did! Clicking submit again only duplicates the PARF.