Steps to Take When Requesting Professional Leave

Before planning a professional development activity or training please refer to the following guidelines:

1. Refer to the Professional Leave Calendar to determine which days are closed to professional leave.

2. Before choosing a date, contact Lisa Barner to check which open days would be able to accommodate the number of sub slots you will need for the professional development activity.

3. Reserve sub slots with Lisa Barner to ensure the day doesn't close while the professional development activity is being planned and finalized.

4. Proceed with plans and submit appropriate paperwork to secure all other approvals (i.e. travel requests, requisitions, substitutes, etc.)

5. Submit travel requests for the event at least one month in advance. 

An appeal to Shaun Holmes is required if:

  • 30 or more sub slots are needed
  • the day is closed
  • the day closes with your sub slot reservation
Please contact Lisa Barner with any travel questions.
(480) 472-0414

*Please note that the Professional Leave Calendar does not apply to the sub cadre. If using sub cadre, Bruce Peterson will complete the travel requests. 



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