Community Partners

Community members partnering with Hawthorne
to help our students soar to new heights.


Trinity Church

continues to be a valuable partner for our students, parents and staff! Thank you Trinity for all of the work you have been doing in our parent room!


Thank you SD Crane Builders Inc.

SD Crane hosted a Friday Fun Day for students who were on time and attended all 4 days of AIMS testing.


students jumping rope    student running relay race

students playing a parachute geme       pingpong ball races

face painting station       student getting face painted 

Thank you Rotary Club

Rotary club representatives  Tom Rhodes speaks to students.

Rotary members passing out dictionaries   passing out dictionaries

students inspect new dictionaries  students peruse dictionaries

And the definition is... 

These dictionaries are welcomed resources that will help Hawthorne third graders soar to new heights.


Thank you Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Employees       donated backpacks

Children choosing school supplies to fill backpacks       Children recieving school supplies to fill backpack

Children receiving school supplies       Student with filled backpack

Hawthorne staff and Wells Fargo employees


Hooray for teamwork!


Thank you DLR Group

student modeling backpack filled with school supplies