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Latest ADE Update (1/16/2015)

We have posted new resources to the AzMERIT webpage (

 AzM2 Writing Rubrics and Writing Guides have been posted under the "Additional Resources for Teachers and Students" tab. The Writing Rubrics are the rubrics used to score the Writing portion of the AzMERIT ELA tests. The Writing Guides will be provided to students as part of the Writing portion of the AzMERIT ELA tests. There is a short (less than 6 minutes) presentation that provides an introduction to these documents and a brief description of the writing portion of the AzMERIT tests. 

We have received a number of questions lately about AzMERIT math reference sheets. The math items used in AzMERIT were designed to have any needed formulas available within the item itself. So, there are no AzMERIT math reference sheets. Instead, formulas are embedded in test items when needed.

Information on AzM2 - Arizona's new state test

The State Board of Education adopted a new test of the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards to replace AIMS. The new test is called AzM2 or Arizona's Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching. It will be given in grades 3-8 in English Language Arts (aka reading and writing) and Math. At high school it will be given as end of course tests in English grades 9-11, Algebra, Algebra II and Geometry. Unlike AIMS, students will not have to pass these tests to graduate.

Here are some facts about this tests:

  • The test items match our state's standards.
  • These items will have a variety of formats and will be very rigorous.
  • The Board did not adopt the PARCC test.
  • This new test will measure mastery of the state standards, allow us to compare our students' performance to students in 24 other states, and use items that require students to demonstrate their knowledge.
  • The AzM2 test can be given on paper or on a computer, but a school would have to administer it in the same way to all students.
  • Testing times are "about 7 hours." In contrast, the PARCC test was estimated to take 10-11 hours during two testing windows in March and May.
  • The test will be given this spring, similar to the time frame used with AIMS (the exact dates have not been set yet).
  • How this will affect teacher evaluation, school letter grades and third grade retention will be discussed by the State Board in December.
  • Tenth graders and younger students will not have to pass AIMS to graduate. Eleventh and twelfth graders who have not passed AIMS will still take AIMS in order to graduate.
  • We will still be giving the AIMS science test at selected grades


ADE has posted information about the new test at:


4th grade students will continue to take the AIMS science assessment. 


Every day, teachers prepare students to perform well on these tests. You can help by making sure students:

  • get a good night’s sleep, so they can stay alert and attentive
  • eat a good breakfast, so they can focus on doing their best
  • understand that these tests are important tools that tell us how well our students, our school and our district are doing


Thank you for your support. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our school office.





Breakfast In The Classroom 

The students at Hughes Elementary School will be served breakfast in the classroom. Breakfast will begin in the classroom after the bell rings at 7:45 and will be at no cost for ALL students.  Breakfast in the classroom can foster a sense of community and provide an avenue for increased student responsibility. 


As a resource for how to deal with Bullying and/or risky behaviors please check out this website



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