These are the Guidelines for Happy Campers:



Class begins at 7:30 each day!  Students entering the classroom after 7:35 are considered tardy and will need to get a tardy slip. It is also very helpful to call the office if your child is going to be absent.


Phone Calls

Please feel free to call me with any questions.  If you leave a message I will check before and after school.  I try to return the calls that day.  If it is an emergency you will need to call the office because the classroom phone does not ring during the school day. Or, use the Dojo App to communicate with me. I check the App all day long. 



Birthdays are a special day.  Your child may bring in a treat to share with the entire class.  Treats need to be store bought, not homemade. Please no cake/cupcakes. Cookies, fruit snacks, chips, granola bars, etc. are all acceptable to bring in. 



We will be using Class Dojo, which is an online tool/app used to track student behavior. It is also an excellent way for parents and teachers to communicate.

Each day, I will mark how many points your child earned (or lost) for that day. Every morning, the students' points are reset to zero. Each day they have the chance to start fresh and earn points.

Please check and sign your child’s agenda to see how your child behaved each day. Your child may stay on 0 all day. That means they had a good day and did what was expected of them. If your child goes above and beyond the expectations, you may see +1 if your child earned one point that day. You may see +2 if they earned two points. You may see -1 if your child lost a point that day. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or message me through Dojo.


PBIS Tickets

This is a behavior system the entire school is using. Students will be receiving Tickets when they are caught doing something great! They can earn tickets at recess, lunch, walking around campus, and in the classroom. They can earn tickets from any staff member. At the end of the week, these tickets will be put into a bucket for a drawing and students' names will be called to win prizes. The more tickets they receive, the more chances they have of winning!



Toys are not allowed at school.



Every Monday, homework will be sent home with your child. The homework is due on Friday.