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Operations and Algebraic Thinking

• understand the relationship between multiplication and division

• fluently multiply and divide within 100

• solve word problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

• identify and explain number patterns related to +, -, x, ÷

• fluently recall multiplication facts through 9x9 Number and Operations in Base Ten

• round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100

• fluently add and subtract within 1000

• multiply 1-digit whole numbers by multiples of 10


Number and Operations- Fractions

• develop an understanding of fractions as equal parts of a whole number

• model, write, and compare fractions


Measurement and Data

• tell and write time to the nearest minute and solve word problems involving time

• measure and estimate liquid volumes and mass using metric units

• measure length, area, and perimeter using U.S. customary and metric units

• use measurement data to create line plots

• create picture and bar graphs and use them to solve problems



• categorize quadrilaterals using attributes

• partition shapes into parts with equal areas


Mathematical Practices

• apply the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice such as problem solving, modeling, and logical reasoning to solve math problems.



Virtual Manipulatives



Here are some links that can help your child practice their math skills

(links open in a new window):

Give the Dog a Bone Game

Students need to put the number on the blank 100 chart. Great game to test number sense.


Telling Time Games

Telling Time

Match the Clock


TELLING TIME to hour and half hour

STARFALL telling time

What time is it?



Games available to test every standard. Click Here to get started


Fraction Games click here


Division Games Here


Multiplication Race Car Game



ABCya Games! 3rd Grade

Equivalent Fractions

Fraction Virtual Manipulatives

Multiplication- clear the board by creating a number sentence that equals the target number

Comparing Number Values

Money Bingo- Count the money and find the value




Math Games

A Plus Math

Math Playground

Math Fact Cafe

Math Games

Toy Theater

Splash Math

I Know It

Math Game Time