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Mrs. Hanson

Email: Click Here      Phone: 480-472-7513

Mrs. Hanson


Welcome! My name is Mrs. Karen Hanson. I am an Arizona native. I grew up in Glendale, AZ and attended ASU. My main instrument is clarinet. I started my teaching career in Litchfield Park on the west end of the valley. I taught there for one year before moving to Mesa. I have been teaching music and band in Mesa for 20 years! This year I am full time at Hughes Elementary!  

This is my second year at Hughes with the innovative music program. What does this mean for your child? All kindergarten through third graders will receive general music class twice per week. All fourth through sixth graders will participate in a performing group (band, orchestra or choir). Performing groups will have two lessons per week. I am excited to help your child grow musically!


Here are some music activities you can do during the school closure:


General Music: lessons for week of April 27


Instrument Making: Pringles Drum

Materials: 7 empty Pringles Chip cans; Duct tape

DirectionsPlace the Pringles cans in a circle with 6 on the outside and 1 in the middle

Duct tape the cans together

Create a Duct tape strap to be able to hang the drum around the neck

Play with drum sticks or pencils

Create for 2nd-3rd graders: Create a 4 count rhythm to play on your drum. Teach it to someone else. 

Rhythm Fun

Click on the following link for some fun Rhythm activities play alongs

Rhythm Challenge week 4


Singing Challenge:

Click on the following link for some singing practice.

Singing Challenge week 4


Fun Daily Music Activities:

Monday: Find a quiet place to sit outside. Draw 2 items that make a musical sound. 

Tuesday: Find 5 items around your house that make a metal sound. Choose your favorite and use it to play a steady beat while singing a song. 

Wednesday: Read a short poem using your high voice and low voice. Then read it fast and slow. 

Thursday: Say and clap your first and last name. Think and clap your first and last name. 

Friday: Play freeze dance to your favorite song or songs. 



Band lessons for week of April 27:

Rhythm Math 4

Note Reading - more with space notes


Fun Daily Band Activities: 

Monday - Find and watch a YouTube video about your instrument. 

Tuesday - Find a place to sit quietly outside. Draw a picture of 2 things that make a musical sound. 

Wednesday - Write a little song (at least 4 measures) for your instrument. If you have your instrument, play your song.

Thursday - Say and clap your first and last name. Think and clap your first and last name. 

Friday - keep a steady beat to a song of your choice