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Band Information

band spelled out using instruments


Welcome! The following contains information about the band program at Hughes Elementary. 


  • Come to class on time
  • Participate in all class activities and all concerts
  • Be prepared - bring you instrument, music and supplies to every class
  • Practicing at home when possible is strongly encouraged


Book: All students will use the Standard of Excellence, book 1 (books are instrument specific)


     flute: cleaning rod and soft cloth

    clarinets/bass clarinets:  a minimum of 3-5 playable reeds #2 or 2.5 or 3 (returning students only) in strength and cleaning swab

     saxophones: a minimum of 3-5 playable reeds #2 or 2.5 in strength and cleaning swab

     trumpets/barintone/tuba: valve oil

     trombones: slide oil

     percussion: drum practice pad and drum sticks


If you do not already own an instrument you can rent from a local music store, borrow an instrument through Desert Sounds for a nominal fee or use a school instrument. 

Class Schedule:

Students will be pulled out of class for two 30 minute lessons per week. 

Important Dates:

  • December 2019 Winter assembly performance and evening concert
  • February 2020 honor band auditions – 6th graders only (optional)
  • April 2020 Honor Band concert at the Mesa Arts Center (select students)
  • May 2020 Spring assembly performance and evening concert


As this is a performance based class, attendance at all performances is mandatory. The dates will be in the school newsletter, through e-mail and on my webpage as well as sent home with students. Please check these locations for updates. 

Why is attendance at concerts mandatory?

  • Performing for an audience is one focus of this class. Concerts provide an experience that cannot be reproduced in the classroom.
  • Performances are a means by which skills learned in the classroom can be evaluated.
  • Band is a group effort. The performance is weakened by every missing musician. We rehearse together and we perform together.

Concert Dress:

Students should wear white tops, black bottoms, and black shoes for the concerts. Girls may wear skirts or nice pants. No shorts or t-shirts! Preferred no jeans.

Parental Involvement: Just as with everything else your child expresses an interest in, your attitude, support, and involvement are important to his or her ability to succeed in music. This includes offering ongoing support and encouragement.  The students who are most likely to succeed are the ones whose parents are involved! Help provide a place and time for your child to practice his/her instrument. Encourage practice, ask your child what she/he has learned and encourage private performances!

Honor Band: This year all advanced band students will have the opportunity to try out for District Honor Band. This band is made up of the best elementary band students from around the district. Auditions will be held on a Saturday. More information and permission slips will be sent as it is received from the district (sometime in the fall).

Why Band? When students rehearse and perform together they develop interpersonal skills, the ability to work in groups, conflict resolution and learn to recognize strengths in others. The discipline learned through band helps improve cognitive skills, communication and study skills. Music performance teaches students to overcome anxiety and take risks. They also learn poise, composure and the value of continued effort to achieve high standards. All these skills are necessary in successful jobs, no matter what field a student may choose to pursue. The more years a student stays in band, the better these skills will be developed.


Printable Supply List for all band students


Questions or Concerns: Feel free to call me at any time at 480-472-7792 or e-mail me at



music staff with sax trumpet flute and bells in front