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Please take this paper with you when you go to the music store. Music stores will try to sell you kits that include many things you do not need and cost a lot of money.

Printable supply list

Materials needed:


4th, 5th and 6th graders will use Standard of Excellence, book 1

(books are instrument specific)



Flutes: instrument; cleaning rod (should come with the instrument)

     small cleaning cloth (can be a cut up old shirt)

 Clarinets: instrument; cleaning swab; cork grease

     Reeds* (#2 strength for beginners, #2.5 or #3 for 6th graders) (minimum of 3 reeds)

 Bass Clarinets: instrument

     Bass clarinet reeds* (#2 strength for 5th graders; #2.5 for 6th graders) (minimum of 3 reeds)

 Alto Saxophone: instrument; cleaning swab; cork grease

     Alto Sax reeds (#2 strength for 5th graders, #2.5 or #3 for 6th graders) (minimum of 3 reeds)

 Tenor Saxophone: instrument

      Reeds for tenor sax (#2 strength for 5th graders; #2.5 for 6th graders) (minimum of 3 reeds)

 Trumpet: instrument; valve oil

 Trombone: instrument; slide oil

 Baritone: instrument; valve oil

 Tuba: instrument; valve oil

 Percussion: practice pad and drum sticks