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15% budget increase election Nov. 5

At the April 23 meeting, the Governing Board voted to place a 15% maintenance and operations budget increase (formerly referred to as an override) on the Nov. 5 ballot. It will be a mail-in only election. The district currently has a 10% budget increase in place. If it is not continued in the November election, the 2020-21 district budget will decrease by approximately $13 million.

Request for arguments for or against the special budget override election. 

The district budget and current financial reports can be found on the financial services webpage. A complete audit history is maintained on the audit services webpage.

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Find facts and information about school funding in Arizona, and how it affects Mesa Public Schools.

Transportation Optimization Addressing the bus driver shortage

The district is dealing with a critical bus driver shortage. The recommendation to the Governing Board was to institute a more efficient bus routing system that will maximize the number of routes one driver can support. School start and end times will change by 10-15 minutes beginning in the 2019-20 school year. All schools will move to a Wednesday early release.

See the 2019-20 start and end times
Additional details
  • All schools will have a 30-minute early release Wednesday. High schools and junior highs will have early releases instead of late starts. Elementary schools will move from a one-hour to a 30-minute early release. Franklin schools will move to a 30-minute early release Wednesday.
  • Quarterly professional development days will continue to be on Wednesdays, but will be an early release for all schools. Schools will release 1.5 hours earlier than the normal early release Wednesday (a total of 2 hours earlier than a regular day release time).
  • Elementary parent-teacher conference week will continue to be a one-hour early release from regular school hours. Franklin schools will maintain their current parent-teacher conference schedule.
  • On end-of-quarter grading days, students will continue to be released 2.5 hours earlier than the regular release time. High school exam release times do not change