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Mesa Public Schools employees, A ransomware virus has hit two Arizona school districts.   Please  be  extra cautious when opening any email that look suspicious or that you do not recognize the sender. A recent  ransomware  virus, which was transmitted through email, has infected two school districts in Arizona. The infection resulted...
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Technology Reminders and Updates

Document Cameras The Sphere2 software, utilized to run a document camera through the teacher’s Lenovo device, no longer supports the older model document cameras (CP135 and CP155) when used in combination with the most current version of the Windows operating system. Doc cam models CP135 and CP155 must be directly connected to the projector via VGA cord to continue to be utilized....
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Keeping our district network safe

The district network is an integral part of our daily work lives  and  must be protected from cyberattacks. You may have read about the recent ransomware, WannaCry, or experienced the Google Doc phishing scam that threatened our email system. These cyber threats to computer networks are becoming increasingly sophisticated  and  difficult to block. Mesa Public Schools...
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