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Installing and Managing Fonts

Information Systems and Educational Technology have identified the following open-source solutions to provide teachers and students options when selecting fonts for created materials. Accessing Additional Fonts in the Google Suite In the applications included in its online suite (Docs, Presentations, and Sheets), Google provides access to approximately 830 fonts in addition to the...
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Network and security update

The startup of the school year has brought several technology challenges. The I.S. team is working to mitigate the issues short term and eliminate them long term. Here's an update on where we are: Network speed With the return of students and staff, network performance has been slower than usual due to the large amount of updates, downloads and files syncing that is occurring on...
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Keeping our district network safe

The district network is an integral part of our daily work lives  and  must be protected from cyberattacks. You may have read about the recent ransomware, WannaCry, or experienced the Google Doc phishing scam that threatened our email system. These cyber threats to computer networks are becoming increasingly sophisticated  and  difficult to block. Mesa Public Schools...
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