Teacher Device FAQ
What to do with teacher laptops during transfers, terminations, and leaves

If the teacher is transferring to another school, do they leave the laptop with the school?
No, the teacher's device is assigned to the individual teacher, not the site. The device is to remain assigned to the teacher as long as they are an employee of MPS.

Does the teacher take the docking station with them if they are transferring to another school?
No, the docking station is to remain in the existing classroom along with the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Will teachers need to turn in their device for the summer?
No, teachers are encouraged to use them throughout the summer.

Can a teacher schedule an appointment with IS to have their device updated before, during or when they return from their summer break?
Yes, please submit an online help desk request at help.mpsaz.org to have a tech re-image/update the device.

If a teacher resigns or no longer is an MPS employee, what do they need to hand in to the school as part of their departure checkout procedures?
Schools need to make sure that teachers who are no longer employed or not returning to MPS turn in their device along with their stylus and the power cable that was given to them during the handout.

What does the school do if a teacher that has resigned or no longer is an employee of MPS turns in a damaged or broken device? 
Schools should accept the device along with the power cord as they would any other device. IS will make every effort to repair the device.

What does the school do with the devices they have collected from teachers departing MPS?
Submit an online work order to have IS pick up or call the help desk.

How does a new hire or a long-term sub receive a device?

  • New-Hire: Schools should submit an online work order to have IS issue a device or call the Help Desk at Ext. 2-0044, Option 1.
  • Long-Term Sub: At least one week in advance of the transfer, schools should submit an online work order to issue a device transfer or call the Help Desk at Ext. 2-0044, Option 1. 
    • An IS technician will arrive on campus to assess and document the current condition of the device and to complete the necessary transfer paperwork.
    • Possession of the device will then be transferred to long-term substitute, at which time the teacher will no longer be held liable for the device.
    • When the teacher is scheduled to return to work, the above process will have to be repeated in order to return possession of the device to the teacher