Installing and Managing Fonts

Information Systems and Educational Technology have identified the following open-source solutions to provide teachers and students options when selecting fonts for created materials.

Accessing Additional Fonts in the Google Suite

In the applications included in its online suite (Docs, Presentations, and Sheets), Google provides access to approximately 830 fonts in addition to the 16 that appear on the default menu. These directions will guide you through the steps to access this enhanced font package.

Installing and Managing Open-Source Desktop Fonts with SkyFonts

SkyFonts is a free font management tool that is now available for students and teachers in the software portal. This tool provides access to more than 2,000 fonts that are publicly available through the Open Font License framework. Fonts installed through the SkyFonts application are immediately available for use within all components of the Microsoft Office and Adobe productivity suites. These directions will guide you through the steps to install and manage the SkyFonts tool.

If you have questions or need assistance installing the SkyFonts application, please contact the Information Systems Help Desk at 480-472-0044.

If you have questions or would like assistance in the use of Google products, please call Educational Technology at 480-472-0012.



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