Webex requiring students to login

If you are experiencing issues where your students are being prompted to login and verify their identity, there is a setting inside the Webex meeting you can disable to prevent this.  These steps need to be done in advance, prior to meeting/class starting. We are looking into disabling this setting district-wide for future meetings.

  1. Log in to webex.com>sign-in>Webex Meetings

  2. Select the meeting/class by selecting the meeting/class name. Do not click the green button to start the meeting. 

  3. Click on the edit icon to open the settings of the meeting.

  4. Click on the Show advanced options drop down.

  5. Click on the Scheduling Options drop down.

  6. Uncheck the Require attendees to have an account on this site in order to join this meeting.  

  7. Save the meeting. 

  8. Students can now access the meeting through Canvas. 

Here is a video link that walks through this process


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