VoIP Phone System
Overview of the VoIP Phone System and Deployment Schedule

This website has been created to provide information regarding the new phone system, the deployment schedule and what to expect when the new phone/voice mail system is installed on your campus.

Why are we upgrading and replacing the existing phone system and phones?

  1. The current phone system utilizes old hardware technology that has become difficult to maintain and repair. Supporting this system costs the district $800,000.00 to ensure that all phones are properly maintained and operational. Once the new phone system is in place, the district will be able to reduce these additional maintenance and support costs to nearly one quarter of that amount, saving between $600,000.00 and $700,000.00 annually in Maintenance and Operations (M&O) funds.
  2. The current phone system uses old cabling technologies that rely on additional expensive telephone lines in addition to the existing internet connections and data links used between sites for computer access. These cabling services cost the district roughly $300,000.00 on a yearly basis, which is paid out of the M&O budget.
  3. Bottom line: The District is currently paying nearly 1 million dollars a year to support and maintain an outdated phone system. With the new phone system, this cost will be reduced to $250,000.00 annually, allowing the district to return these savings directly to the M&O budget.

Cisco 7841 Phone Guide

Cisco 7841 Training Video

Cisco 7841 Phone

Cisco 8851 Phone Guide

Cisco 8851 Training Video

Cisco 8851 Phone


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