Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How will I be informed of important dates and events in the school year?

2.  How early can I drop off my child at school?

3.  What time does my child go to lunch?

4.  Am I able to have lunch with my child?

5.  How do I get my Parent Activation Key?

6.  What is your birthday celebration policy?

7.  Am I able to volunteer in the classroom?

8.  Do the students wear uniforms?

9.  Will the school bus my student?

10.  What are Irving's boundaries?

11.  Do you accept Open Enrollment?

12.  Who do I inform of my child's medications?

13.  What are the behavior expectations at Irving?

14.  What are your office hours?

15.  Can my child get free or reduced meals?

16.  What makes Irving a great school choice?

17.  How does Irving communicate with its parents?

18.  Is Irving a Title I school?

19.  Who do I call to report an absence?

20.  Can I donate to Irving Elementary?



1.  We keep our calendar webpage as updated as possible.  For important holiday reminders and upcoming events, an electronic email flyer (Peachjar) will be sent out, often times with a recorded or text message to your phone number of choice.  Our goal is to keep our parents as informed as possible and save paper at the same time.

2.  We allow children on campus as early as 7:25, Monday through Friday.  

3.  Please see our 18-19 lunch schedule below:

lunch schedule

4.  Absolutely!  Check in at our Front Office first to receive a guest pass and you're good to go!

5.  Review attendance and other education-related information from your home or work computer. To begin your My MPS account, please visit the school office to pick up your activation key. If you have children at more than one school in the district, you will need to visit only one of the schools - one activation key will give you access to all children in your family. 

6.  We encourage you to celebrate your child's special day in the classroom, however, there are a few rules to follow:  balloons are not allowed in the classroom; if you choose to bring a treat for the class to share, it needs to be store-bought and you must bring enough for the whole class; in addition, please make sure it's something easy for the teacher to pass around, like cupcakes or cookies.  If you would like your child to pass around birthday party invitations, it will have to be done outside the classroom, before or after school.  The teacher will only help send invitations home if there is one for every child in the class.

7.  There is always opportunities to volunteer at Irving Elementary. Contact your child's teacher or the front office to find out more.

8.  Irving is a no-uniform school.

9.  Due to our small school boundaries, we don't have buses.

10.  Lindsay to Val Vista and Broadway to Southern (1-square mile).  Not sure what your neighborhood school is?  Click here for our school locator.

11.  We welcome open enrollment applications after taking into consideration our current enrollment and class sizes. 

12.  Contact our Health Office for any medication concerns and changes.   

13.  All Irving students promise to abide by our STAR behavior rubric.  Find out what it says here.

14. 7:15 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

15.  The Food and Nutrition Department encourages families to fill out an application.  You can do it online by clicking here, or come to the Office to use one of our computers.  Paper applications are also available.

16.  Click here to see our Brag Sheet!  We have so much to be proud of!

17.  For upcoming events and reminders, we will send out a Peachjar flyer to your email address and/or a recorded message to your primary phone number.  Please make sure our flyers don't end up in your junk box and that you pick up our calls.  All recorded messages will be sent out around 5 pm.

18.  Yes we are!  Title I status provides our students with many opportunities and advantages.  Click here for more information.

19.  Call 480-472-1700 option 1.

20.  We encourage everyone to donate to our school.  Every little bit benefits our students directly.  You can donate money by mail, in person, or online.  Click here to find out how.  We are also currently accepting binders and Expo markers in our Front Office.