The Early Childhood & Parent Education department provides resources and support for young children through instructional materials, instructional assistants, alternative classrooms, staff development and parent education programs.

Specifically, Early Childhood & Parent Education programs provide:

  • extra teaching contracts and instructional assistants at the kindergarten
    and first grade levels to assist low-achieving students
  • supplemental instructional materials and equipment for the primary grades
  • training opportunities for preschool and primary teachers
  • classes for young children and parents

Young Girl


  • The Family Tree Project is a family literacy program serving four elementary schools in low-income areas of the community. Funded through state and federal grants, this is a joint effort between Early Childhood & Parent Education, Community Education, Title 1 and Head Start. Parents and their preschoolers attend school together, participating in early childhood, adult education and parent education classes each day.
  • The Toyota Family Literacy Project (TFLP) is a family literacy program located in three elementary schools.  Funded by Toyota through the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL), the program serves parents and their K-3 children.  Parents attend adult education and parent education classes designed to teach parents about the school system and encourage parents to help their children be successful in school.
  • Mesa Early Learning Preschool (MELP) classes serve four-year-old children from qualifying families. Classes in seventeen elementary schools, the East Mesa Early Childhood Education Center and five private community locations are offered through state early childhood funding. These child-centered classes support children's development in preparation for kindergarten.
  • Parent University classes are presented by national consultants and prominent valley educators. This parent education program provides parents and caregivers with information about their vital role in shaping children's lives. Sessions focus on child development and effective parenting skills.
  • Parents as Teachers classes and personalized parent/child visits serve pregnant and parenting teens at the TAPP facility. Designed to make the most of critical windows of opportunity in the early years, this program emphasizes language, motor, emotional and intellectual development.
  • The Early Childhood & Parent Education department receives state funds to support the Family Tree Project as a model program and training site for the state. Staff members, certified as national trainers, provide Family Literacy Training to educators both locally and throughout Arizona