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***Welcome to Irving School's Special Education Department. Our school site offers the following programs. For more information regarding services for students in these areas, please use the numbers listed below or click here for (District information). Be sure to leave a message and we will promptly return your call.

Learning Disabilities

Melanie Clark


(480) 472- 1673    

Primary K-3



 (480) 472-1691




 (480) 472-1691


Speech / Language  Victoria Nobel (480) 472-1691 vlnobel@mpsaz.org
Mildly Impaired Beth Thompson (480) 472-1690
Mentally Disabled Mary Lou St. Cyr (480) 472-1695  
School Psychologist Deb Richter (480) 472-1704  
School Counselor Holly Nelson (480) 472-1721  
*** Special education at Irving Elementary School includes two Specific Learning Disability (SLD) resource classes servicing primary and intermediate students, a Speech and Language Impaired (SLI) resource class and primary and intermediate classes for students with Mild Mental Disabilities (MIMD). Special education support services enhance the educational program for disabled students by providing assessment, training, and other beneficial experiences. A full range of special education services and programs, related services, and support services are available through the district office.
*** SLD classes serve students who demonstrate academic functioning significantly below their indicated ability level. The learning problem is not primarily the result of visual,hearing, motor disabilities, mental disabilities emotional disabilities environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantage.

*** The Resource SLI program serves students who have difficulty in oral communication. Difficulty may exist in articulation (production of speech sounds), language (receptive comprehension and verbal expression), fluency (speech rate and rhythm), and/or voice disorders.

*** The MIMD program serves students who are mildly impaired in intellectual functioning and adaptive behaviors. Their development reflects a reduced rate of learning. The program provides an opportunity to achieve proficiency in basic academic skills and general education classes. Through mainstreaming students are able to identify with a regular classroom setting, observe appropriate behaviors, build positive self-concepts, develop appropriate social skills, and participate in physical and recreational activities.
*** In addition to these programs a school psychologist is assigned to every school in the district. Student evaluations may be requested by school staff members or parents. Consistent with appropriate procedural safeguards, the pre-evaluation team shall determine if evaluation is appropriate and which component(s) should be included in the evaluation. These evaluations require written parent permission (informed consent) and must be arranged through the school psychologist. In addition to evaluation, school psychologists provide teacher consultation, program planning, student counseling, parent counseling, and school-community services. (Counseling services may be limited.)
*** Every special education student is given an overall health evaluation which includes yearly vision and hearing screening by the school nurse. School nurses work with parents on home and social development assessment. The nurses may also refer parents to various community agencies for further help. In many schools, nurses make health presentations in special education classes covering basic hygiene, nutrition, safety etc. Nurses also develop individual care plans to meet the needs of students with unique health problems.
*** Counseling services are also available at Irving Elementary School. Counselors assist with crisis counseling, personal/social counseling, career guidance, academic counseling, and with advancement to the next grade level. Counselors also assist in the special education process of referral and placement. They are often part of the multidisciplinary team and continue as the student's counselor after placement.