Mrs. Cynthia Sandberg
Gifted and Talented at Irving, Keller and Longfellow

Mrs. Sandberg's Biography

My job has been so exciting! I have loved working with gifted students! I have enjoyed teaching 4 different grade levels(3rd-6th). I have loved teaching students how to think about their thinking. My three children have graduated from the M.P.S. gifted/honors program and have been blessed because of it: Kelly is a Pediatrician, Monika is a Psychologist and Pamela is a Lawyer.

Professionally, I've earned  both a Bachelors Degree in Home Economics Education, and a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. In addition, I am  Gifted, E.S.L., and  Reading Endorsed. I have taught from Preschool to  Adult Parenting classes at St. Petersberg Junior College. I've taught 4-6th grades at Porter Elementary, then 3-6th grades at Bush Elementary, and currently teach gifted students from Keller, Irving and Longfellow Elementary .

My passion is to empower gifted students with confidence, thinking and organizational skills, emotional/social skills and help them achieve their full potential. Thanks for trusting me with your precious children!

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