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Homework is sent home on Fridays and is to be turned in completed the following FRIDAY. Homework will consist of Language Arts, Reading Fluency,  Math, Spelling and other skills that are appropriate for second grade. Your student may need a little assistance at first; however, the goal for homework is to make them responsible for their own work, make you aware of what they are doing in school, review the skills learned in class and to commit the learned concepts into long term memory. I would like them to be aware of the amount of work they have and budget their time so that all homework is done by Friday. 

Reading- It is VERY important for you student to be reading for AT LEAST 15-20 minutes EVERY night!

Math Facts- Students should have addition and subtraction math facts memorized. They need to be able to do at least 50 addition and at least 50 subtraction facts in 4 minutes. I am sure that with all of us working as a team we can accomplish this goal! 

Reading Fluency: Reading fluency is the ability to read phrases and sentences smoothly and quickly, while understanding them. One way to improve reading fluency is to provide opportunities for oral repeated reading that includes support and feedback.