photo of Mr. and Mrs. DialMrs. Nina Carrillo (Dial) Mrs. Dial's 2 children

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My name is Nina Carrillo-Dial but the kids call me Mrs. Dial. I'm young, but I am full of positive energy and an enthusiasm that is hard to get rid of. ;-) I am married with two children. My step daughter attends 1st grade here and my son is 4 years old and hopefully will be attending soon! :-)

I am very excited to be a member of the Irving family. I student taught here for a whole year my senior year so technically this is my 7th year here. I graduated from Arizona State University with a dual Bachelor's in Special and Elementary Education. I have had experience in elementary grade levels through the sixth grade as well as the high school level through the twelfth grade.

I am primarily found in the Learning Lab (E1) but can be caught popping in and out of the classrooms as well. I am one of the inclusion teachers that helps give extra support to the other teachers and all the students that need it.  I am always excited to meet the families of our students so please don't hesitate to come by or call and introduce yourself! :-)

I believe that all students can grow and through their growth can help the teachers grow as well. I truly believe that every child can succeed and the Irving family will help them reach their goals.