School Facts

Mascot: Dragon     dragon
Colors: Red, Black, and White
Motto: "Carry on the Spirit"
Grades: Kindergarten-6th Grade/ Open Enrollment
Population: 845
Constructed in: 1987
School days: 180
Daily Instructional Time: 6 hours and 30 minutes


How Ishikawa got it's name...

Zedo Ishikawa Elementary School opened in 1987 and is named for a Mesa High student who was raised in the Lehi district of Mesa. He was active in scouting as well as being a star football player in his senior year at Mesa High. On September 22, 1932, Zedo was mortally wounded in a gun accident. His message to the coach was "Go ahead and play the game tomorrow. Tell the boys to carry on..." Mesa High has since adopted "Carry On" as a motto that has instilled pride in the thousands who have attended Mesa High.