School Behavior Plan

All members of the Ishikawa School staff care about students’ rights and safety. We also want to provide a pleasant environment in which to learn. It is our goal to teach and help students learn appropriate behavior in classrooms, on the playground,in the lunchroom, on the bus, and during performances and presentations.


• Respect others

• Follow directions

• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

• Use appropriate language at all times

• Walk quietly while in building and courtyard areas, always walk on the sidewalks

• No fighting or physical abuse

• No littering or defacing of school property

• No spitting

• No gum

• No rollers or skateboards

• Bicycles should be walked on campus


• Use playground equipment properly

• Do not throw rocks or other harmful objects

• No teasing, harassing, name calling or “put-downs”

• Be in assigned areas

• Respond to bell/whistle immediately

• Closed games are not allowed


• Speak in conversational voices, no yelling

• Do not throw food

• Clean your space after eating, raise your hand to be excused

• No food out of cafeteria


All students riding the bus must follow the bus behavior

expectations outlined in the District Guidelines for Student Behavior. These guidelines will be sent home at the beginning of the year.


When students misbehave, they will be given a verbal warning in most cases. After the verbal warning, if the misbehavior continues a logical consequence will be given, i.e. time-out on the playground, not being allowed to continue in a game, going back and walking, etc. If the misbehavior continues after the intervention, a behavior note will be issued to the student.

Discipline Note Consequences—Consequences may not always

follow hierarchy. Adjustments may be made based on severity or frequency of occurrence.



1st Discipline note – Warning

2nd Discipline note – Parent notification/appropriate consequences

3rd Discipline note – Detention in classroom

Continued misbehavior will result in a parent, teacher, student


•Fighting, physical or verbal abuse, refusing to cooperate with adults or vandalism will be considered severe misbehavior.




• Parent contacted by principal

• Discipline Form filed by principal

• Student may be suspended from School.

*The behavior/discipline plan will be reviewed and revised by the School Improvement Advisory Council during the school year.