We encourage parent involvement in school. You can support your school and your child through the Ishikawa Parent Teacher Organization, an organized group of parents meeting regularly with a variety of goals and tasks. This group is open to all parents, and we hope you’ll take an active part in this fine organization.

The Ishikawa School Improvement Advisory Council is made up of parents and staff members who are elected in the fall of each year.


School visits are encouraged. When you visit, it is required that you—

• Make arrangements with the teacher before visiting the classroom.

• Once school begins, the campus is closed.

“During school hours, to provide a safe environment, all visitors MUST sign in at the office and receive a pass before visiting any area on this campus. When school is not in session, no trespassing near school buildings. Unauthorized people near school buildings or damaging school property will be subject to arrest and be prosecuted. By order of the Governing Board Mesa Unified School District No. 4 Arizona Revised Statute.”

• Check out at the office.

Because small children can distract our students in the classroom, we ask that they not visit school.


It is our goal to provide your child with an excellent education. In order to accomplish this, parent-teacher communication is very important. If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s education, please contact your child’s teacher to discuss the matter. Teachers can most easily be reached between 7:30 and 7:45 a.m. or after 2:30 p.m. The telephone system will enable you to contact staff members more easily by leaving voice messages when the phone is busy or in sleep mode (non-ring status) during the school day. As always, if you have an immediate need, please contact the office staff at 472-7700.

If you have a last minute emergency-type message that must be given to your child, you may call the office and ask to have that message passed to the child. Otherwise, you may leave a message on the classroom phone. Teachers will be checking their messages periodically during the day, i.e. at lunch.


Room parties are allowed in observance of Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the close of school.

If you wish to recognize your child’s birthday in the classroom, please contact your child’s teacher to make prior arrangements. Gifts will not be delivered to your child. Birthday gifts, flower arrangements, balloon bouquets, etc. will not be delivered to students in a classroom.


Field trips are occasionally planned as educational experiences. Parents will be notified prior to any such field trips. A permission slip must be signed for each trip for which students are transported by bus.


The school district does not provide medical coverage of accidental injury of students. If you are interested in student insurance you can go to www.K12StudentInsurance.com for rates and more information.


An after-school child care program will be held on Ishikawa campus during the school year. It will begin at dismissal time and extend until 6 p.m. on days that school is in session. Arrangements must be made by parents with the directors of the program. There is a fee for the child care.  Information can be found at http://www.mpsaz.org/xplore