Student Expectations


Ishikawa has a schoolwide set of expectations for behavior of students. The expectations will be reviewed with all students during the first weeks of school. You will receive a copy of these expectations during the first week of school. Please review these behavior guidelines with your child so you are certain they understand what are appropriate school behaviors.


We encourage our students to dress in a neat and attractive manner. The district dress standards prohibit students from wearing clothing or accessories that are disruptive to the learning process. We ask parents and students to comply with a few minimum student dress guidelines: clothing or accessories worn must not contain any product endorsement that is not consumed by children, clothing/accessories may not display gang affiliation (nicknames on clothing or any writing on hats or shirts), clothing may not expose areas of the body or draw attention, clothing that shows midriff, chest, or bare backs, or that is sexually suggestive is not acceptable. Students must wear appropriate shoes. Caps and hats are not permitted to be worn inside the school or classroom.


IMPORTANT: It is important for your child to get the very best start of each school day. For this reason, we request that children arrive on time at school. Important instructions for the day and schoolwide announcements are made each morning at 7:45. When students are tardy, they miss these important announcements and directions. It is also important for students to leave school at the dismissal time. Supervision is not provided for students after dismissal.

ABSENCES: If your child is going to be absent from school, please notify the office 472-7700 as early as possible. You may call anytime and leave a voice message.


In order to keep students safe and avoid vandalism of the school, the City of Mesa and the school district have guidelines for using school grounds as well as ordinances.

“During school hours to provide a safe environment, all visitors MUST sign in at the office and receive a pass before visiting any area on this campus. When school is not in session, no trespassing near school buildings. Unauthorized people near school buildings or damaging school property will be subject to arrest and be prosecuted. By order of the Governing Board Mesa Unified School District No. 4 Arizona Revised Statute.”

Children are asked to leave the school grounds immediately following school dismissal except in the following instances—

• When participating in a scheduled activity such as band practice or the sports program.

• When requested to remain after school by the teacher. Parent will be notified whenever a child is detained.

• When the child is requesting extra help from the teacher, in which case the permission will be secured from the parent.

• Parents must accompany students to all evening activities and performances.


The principal and teachers at Ishikawa Elementary School recognize the value of homework for review and reinforcement of skills learned at school. Nightly homework assignments should involve no more than 20-30 minutes in Grades 1-3, and 45-60 minutes in Grades 4-6. In Mesa Public Schools, homework may not be assigned as a disciplinary action. If your child is having difficulty completing the assigned homework, or must spend additional time each evening to complete the homework, please contact the classroom teacher to discuss your child’s situation.

MPS Dress Code