Vision Statement

It is our belief that the most effective strategy for achieving the mission of our school is to work together interdependently to improve student achievement. Our vision for the Ishikawa staff is as follows:

  • We will create a level of healthy and respectful competition, with our minds open to learning.
  • We will challenge our students by being innovative, engaging and through effective communication.
  • We will foster an atmosphere of orderly collaboration and respectful discussion amongst our students.
  • We will improve instruction through reflection, assessment of data, and consistently working together as collaborative learning teams.
  • We will create an atmosphere that promotes social and emotional learning, as well as academic learning.
  • We will use data to facilitate the flexible grouping of students for reteach and enrich.






Mission Statement


The mission of Zedo Ishikawa Elementary School is to cultivate a caring, safe and motivating environment where students are inspired to consistently do their personal best. 


We will work together to become kind, respectful, responsible learners who think critically and achieve at high levels. By working collaboratively, we will produce well-rounded citizens who are fully prepared for secondary education, leading to college and/or career readiness.


Because we are Dragons!