February 20th

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Positive Action Referral

Congratulations to the following students who received a "reverse referral" from their teacher:

Gavan Glenn, Rm 5 for working so hard on every

Alexis Glidewell, Rm 5 for giving 100% on every
assignment. Way to go!

Ashley Gonzalez, Rm 5 for doing a great job staying
focused in class.

Mia Guttierres, Rm 5 for asking the best questions.

Connor Hairght, Rm 5 for working so hard every day on every assignment.

Elena Herrera, Rm 5 for being a friend to everyone in the classroom.

Analiyah Jackson, Rm 5 for having such creative ideas in the classroom.

Juan Pablo Jacobo, Rm 5 for being a good friend to
everyone in the classroom.

Michael Jakub, Rm 5 for working hard on every

Braxton Uselton, Rm 5 for sharing great ideas during class discussion. Keep it up!

Devon Enos, Rm 4 for taking the time to help another child find their lunch box.

Evan Moore, Rm 4 for working so hard improving on his Math Facts. Way to go!

Mia Sweador, Rm 4 for always starting and ending her day with a smile. She is a ray of sunshine.

Kai Hayes, Rm 105 for always being a great example of walking in line.

Claire Komenda, Rm 105 for taking pride in her work.

Jose Manuel Melchor, Rm 105 for always showing
kindness and respect towards others.

Abby Nalick, Rm 105 for always having a positive
attitude towards learning.







February 20, 2015

Colton Allen, Rm 101 for sharing classroom materials with a friend in need.

Jesse Ascension, Rm 101 for holding the door for

others without being asked.

Bridget Buchner, Rm 101 for helping classmates be prepared for dismissal by stacking chairs, picking up trash, and passing out lunch boxes.

Faith Beck, Rm 101 for taking initiative to help a friend in need.

Landon Franco, Rm 101 for being a good friend to others in our class.

Tina Gardner, Rm 101 for working hard, checking his work  and  being  a  role  model  of  an  outstanding student.

Porter Hunt,  Rm  101  for  always  participating  and llistening in class.  His love of learning is contagious.

Joanna Vasa, Rm 101 for improving immensely in class by being more attentive and engaged in lessons.

Lindy  Jo  Wright,  Rm 101  for  always  helping  her teachers and other students without being asked.  She is generous and thoughtful.

Lost and Found

Our Lost and Found area is overflowing.  Please check for missing items.  All items will be donated over Spring Break, which starts March 16th.

Mesa Public Schools 2015

SciTech EXPO

“Full STEAM Ahead”  Celebrating STEAM Education in Mesa (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

Who: All ages

When: Saturday, February 21, 2015

Where: Red Mountain High

7301 E. Brown Road

Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Admission: Free

Come celebrate STEAM with interactive student activities (provided by schools, City of Mesa departments,

organizations and local businesses), robotics demonstrations, air and space simulations, science of food, art, biotechnology, Mesa Public Schools district science fair projects displays… and much more!  Check out www.mpsaz.org/ssrc for more information!

Congratulations to the following Math Masters

Ryan Gandee, Chloe Andrea, Mitchell Namie, Ellery  Lewandowski,  Max  Young,  Lindi Thompson, Aidan Pomeroy, Michael Jakub,  Brody Andersen, Isabelle Bleak, Bentley Anderson, Mackay Morin, Lily Correa, Layne Erikson, Grace Callister, and Gracie West. 

Congratulations to the following Word Wizards:
Kjernan Dockery, Jillian Bleak, Lily Ellingson, Jasmine Flores, Angel Olvera Irungaray, Mylie Pearson, and Randy Walker.

Congratulations to the following students who have joined the Millionaire’s Club: 
James Anderson, Mariam Chaudrhy,  Kate Freeman, Thomas Godfrey, Ellery Lewandowski, Sayler Northrup, Nathan Pawloski, Braydon Switzenberg, Hazel Allen, John Garcia Morales, Sasha  Hang,  Makaila  Krushenlniski,  Avery Pearson, Michael Pinson, Lilly Roberts, Declan Simonton, Carter Wasson, Bentley Anderson, Isabelle Bleak,  Kjernan Dockery, Brigham Earl, Aubry Golamb, Caleb Gransee, Hadley Horne, Emerson Leedy, Mackay Morin,  Arlee Rogers, Miley Standage, Calvin Campbell, Audrey Davis, Xander Davis, Westin Fuller, Atticus Leedy, Heydi Ibarra, Colton McLaren, Henry Nothman, Maddex Perez, Bryce Polasky, Aidan Pomeroy, Zedo Sato,  Macy  Schmidt,  Brody Andersen, Hayley Burke, Patricia Dawson, Jaylen Duxbury, Cannon Ellingson, Jake Trendler, Silas Bowlby, Megan Castenholz, Riley Curtis, Valeria Estrella-Barcenas, Zachary Goodman, Paige Hunt, Chanelle Lara, Auden Manois, Gatlen Mormino, Matthew Nelson, Bradford Tucker,  Emileigh  Bowman,  Kyson  Gunnell, Royce  Gunnell, Rachel Hale, Tyler Hammonds, Cole Hutsko,  Gabrien Mormino, Kaylee Plaisted, Beckham Robinson, Veronica  Schmid,  Theodore  Silaghi,  Savannah 
Swiatkowski, Caden Wasson, Zainab Chaudhry, Braxton Colwell, Alexis Glidewell, Connor Haight, Michael Jakub, John Jones, Brecken Lines, Macie Reynolds, Jethro Stallard, Sophia Svans, Justin Anderson, Isaac Salgado, Caleb Gunnell, Allison Hidalgo, Claire Komenda, Adam Matsukawa, Abby Nalick,  Amelia  Turner,  Caylum  Dockery,  Mya  Foukas, Faith  Gandy,  Noah  Gransee,  Melodee Hosch, David Jerman, Isabella Mahlman, Brielle Morin, Cole Porter, Charles Silaghi, Mia Sweador, Teancum Beck, Addalade Campbell, Fatima Chaudhry, Kimberly Earl, Aaron Godfrey, David Nye, Max Vaca, Sebastiano Young, Grace Gardner, James Gardner, Brooke Jackson, Benjamin McWhorter, Addi  Nelson,  Seneca Robinson, Annjalee Steen, Ryan Wallis, Kate Blanch, Fallon Falkner, Logan Fritz, Caden Horne, Sierra Mellish, Emmy Nalick, Isabella Pappa, Ana Cortez, Jillian Bleak, Larry Medina, Lily Ellingson, Cecilia Johanson,  Owen Freeman, Sadie Gardner, Brady McGee, Caitlyn Pawloski, Mylie Pearson, Caleb Staker, Randall Walker, Brett Woolsey, Colton Allen, Faith Beck, Payton Burke, Tyler Chow, Gracey Fowlkes, Tian Gardner, Eliza Jones, Isabella Lopez, Rylie Mormino, Gary Rose, Michael Schneider, Joanna Vaca, Kitsil Beeman, Meredith Kiefer, Sophia Loria, Emma McWilliams, Ashley Slaughter, Lily Smithson, Matthew Spaulding, Hayden Stebbins, Grace Weston, Allee White, Seth Bateman, Fernando Camacho, Hailey Chastain, Brittany Collins, Barolome Barcenas, Sherlyn Leyva, Jordyn Gillette, Lucia Ramirez, Amillion Hang, John Kotter, Zaiden Majorczak, Hensley Nielsen, McKenna Palmer, Addison Pastiak, Kierra Sandall, Byron Scrivner, Aidan Smith, Hayden Standage, Stephen Tucker, Ian Tuttle, Bailey Wade, and Alexa Westphal.

 PTO News 

We are looking for a few good parents who want to help make a difference at our school.  Come to our meeting Thursday, March 5th, at 6:00 p.m. for more information.


Proposed Budget Causes Concern 

Recently, the Governor released his executive budget that includes funding plans for K-12 education.  Please see the link on the MPS website for more details:



AZ Merit—Important Information


Arizona’s Statewide Achievement Assessment for English Language Arts and Mathematics. 


For more information on the state testing coming up in April visit:  http://azmeritportal.org/


There are sample test items for students and families.


Reading Lab News

Have your kids been using Ticket to Read? 

Larry and Ashley Brown are number 7 and 46!  They are the only kids from Arizona on the leaderboard.



24 5th GTP Field Trip

27  PTO Movie Night—6 pm “Cars” 



5 PTO—6:00 pm

6 Primary Play Day

6 Dragon Bar-B-Que

10 Spring Picture Day

11 End of Quarter—11:45 Release

12 GTP 3rd/4th Field Trip

13 Intermediate Track & Field


26 4th Grade AIMS Science

27 Carnival










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