Meeting Minutes




Ishikawa PTO meeting

September 5, 2013


  1. Welcome/Intro ………………. Amberly Robinson

  2. Reports

    1. Presidents Report ……………...Meredith Bleak

    2. Treasurer’s Report ……………. Tara Lee

Dragon Donations ($2900 right now)

    1. Principal’s Report …………….. Shelly Heath

  2. Committee Team Member Reports

A. Committee Reports

Teacher Appreciation - Linda Benjamin

Spirit Merch  - Emily Stratford 

Fundraising - Heather Grey

Box Tops - Tami Allen

Copy Room - Noelle Osborn

Donuts for Dad - Kierra Lewendowski

Miracle on 32nd St. - Destanie White

Art Masterpiece - Heather Trendler

Dragon Dash - Lisa McGee

Volunteers - Christin Trendler


  1. Follow up

  2. New Business

  3. Adjourn





Ishikawa PTO

Minutes from PTO Meeting August 15, 2013


Board Members Present:  Meredith Bleak, President; Amberly Robinson, Vice President; Tara Lee, Treasurer; Jan Rogers, Secretary.


Parents and Teachers Present:  See sign in sheet.  Total of 44 people in attendance.


Presidents Report: Discussed Dragon Donations and that we need to have more parents donate.  She discussed the need for a planter by the Kindergarten rooms to be replanted.  A parent stated that she had a son that would take care of it for a scout project.  Discussed Donuts for Dad.  A parent stated that we should contact Duncan Donuts Corporate offices and that most grocery stores would not donate.

Discussed option of having a PTO meeting every month or just as needed/bi monthly.  Parent said she thought it was not a good idea as parents would feel not included in the discussion making process and camaraderie/friendships would not be developed.  Board/PTO parents agreed to have monthly meetings.

    Turned time over to Mrs. Rice.  She gave a little a lesson on Core Curriculum.  She said homework will look different, the children will read to learn information, She used the word “Rigor” when she referred to how common core will work.


Treasurer’s report:  see attached report


Principal’s Report:  Mrs. Heath said that the first two weeks had gone well and thanked all for coming to the meeting.  She stated that we currently have 827 students attending Ishikawa.


Committee Team Members:  Discussed the need for a Kindergarten and 6th grade rep.

Emily Stratford showed us the Dragon Spirit Merchandise that is for sale this year.  They have decided that Fridays are going to be “Dragon Spirit Day”.  She would come on campus and pass out a few treats to kids that were “caught” wearing dragon attire.  

Tami Allen explained what BOX TOPS were and how to place them on a sheet for us to get paid from General Mills.  Every Friday in August, September, and October she would sell Otter Pops for 10 box tops or $0.25.  

Heather Grey inquired what her duties were as Fundraiser Rep.  She is going to meet with Meredith at a later day to discuss what she is to do.


Opened Floor to questions:  Jef Rawls asked what we could do to make Kiss and Go run smoother.  Discussed if we needed to address it in the newsletter, or make a sign and display on the street that explained how Kiss and Go should work.  Also discussed the need to be careful on Norwood St.--no U-turns.  Mrs. Heath said that it will get better after the first few weeks of school. Parent also asked if her student could opt out of standardized testing.  She was told to contact the district office.  The meeting was brought to a close.


Treasurer’s Report

August 2013


Bank Balances   

Savings- $3,048.09     

Checking-  $6,551.79



Dragon Donations $1,304.35

Spirit Merchandise $244.75

Box Tops $231.44 (box tops and otter pop sales – end of last year)

Bank Interest $0.26


Teacher Breakfast  $172.92 (water egg casseroles, muffins, juice, fruit)

Classroom Supplies $316.52 (paper, notebooks, wire covers)

PTO operating expenses $115.37 (PTO mtg treats, notebooks for PTO officers, flyers, etc.)



Dragon donation total:$10,000 (approx. 200 students donating at least $50 ea)