Fourth Grade

test tubes

Curriculum Highlights:

This curriculum is an overview of expectations of 4th graders in the major subject areas. Lessons are aligned with state and district standards.

  • Reading:  The goal in reading is for students to become independent readers. This subject area focuses on the following: vocabulary/word analysis, fluency, comprehension of literary and informational text.
  • Writing:  Students use the elements or traits of effective writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions) in daily writing lessons. Students improve their skills through a variety of writing applications.
  • Math:   The goal in math is for students to understand math concepts and make connections between math and everyday life. Students learn: number sense/operations, data analysis and probability, patterns/algebra/functions, geometry/measurement, mathematical structure/logic.
  • Social Studies:   Students study the history, government, and geography of Arizona in a variety of activities.
  • Science:   The following are the science kits presented in 4th grade: Every Drop Counts, Variables, Survivor, Earth, Wind & Fire, Energy & Magnetism. 



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