science  observationGTP Curriculum

There are four main strands to the gifted resource curriculum.  They are:

(1) Critical Thinking Skills.  These include verbal reasoning skills, visual or spatial reasoning skills, and quantitative reasoning skills.

(2) The Creative Problem-Solving Process.  This includes fluency and flexiblity skills, as well as elaboration and originality when applying the creative problem solving process.

(3) The Investigative Process or Research Skills.  Determing questions to research, searching out information from a wide variety of resources to answer these questions, and then organizing and presenting findings are central to this process.  Scientific methodolgy and effective use of technology are critical to this processas well.

(4) The Self-Development Process.  Organizing, being self-directed, and being responsible for one's own learning, and doing so in an effective manner, both collaberatively and independently, are  desired long term outcomes in this area.

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