5th Grade

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Fifth grade is a year of emotional, physical, hormonal, social, and academic changes.  Our roles as teacher and parents are vital in helping create a successful and happy year for your child as they learn to deal with these changes while learning how to take responsibility for their behavior and their education.  A positive attitude, putting forth one's best efforts, and respect for others and their property is a goal for all.

The daily assignment calendar and your child's binder are important tools in achieving organization and responsibility. Please encourage study skills, homework completion, neatness, and organization by reviewing these materials with your child regularly. You can expect an average of approximately 45 - 60 minutes homework daily (Monday-Thursday).


globeIn social studies, fifth graders study the American Revolution and the birth of our nation. We continue to learn about our American history through the early years of our nation, including the creation of our constitution. The second semester, students work on their state reports. This is a great combination of studying our states' history, learning states and capitals, and learning how to research and put together a major report.

science imageFifth grade science starts the year with "Mystery Powders" and "What's the Matter?" These two units involve chemistry and the scientific procedure. Fifth graders also study the human body systems with "Bones, Muscles, and Brains." During the second semester students learn about simple machines and the laws of motion with "May the Forces Be With You." We end the year with "Guide to the Galaxy" and "How to Fly a Simulator." With this investigation, students learn about the principles of flight and attend Salk Elementary School's Flight Center where students are in control of an actual flight simulator.

abcReading, writing and spelling are emphasized in communication skills. Literature is incorporated in our classroom reading programs. Vocabulary development, reading process and comprehension skills, grammar, and writing mechanics are practiced daily. Students participate in creative writing projects in a variety of formats, while focusing on the essential traits of writing.

Outdoor School PicA major highlight of 5th grade is our Outdoor School Experience. Students will spend 3 days and 2 nights at the Tonto Rim Camp near Payson. This incredible experience allows students to learn in a natural setting as they dig for fossils, conduct stream studies, hike to nearby caves, and so much more. In addition to the focus of science curriculum, students must work cooperatively with classmates and adults throughout this experience. Outdoor School will take place Oct 3-5, 2016.     Click here to learn more about Outdoor School.

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