Physical Education Department

Teachers: Gregg Veitel and Selena Bracamonte (480) 472-7741

We are so proud and honored to be a part of this dynamic school and are looking forward to teaching your children a wide variety of motor skills as well as a lifetime love of fitness. Our major goals are to provide all students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors needed to live physically active, healthy lives. Physical education lessons in Mesa are carefully planned to help children develop a wide range of skills in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective domains of learning. The daily lesson is 30 minutes consisting of a warm-up (2-3 min), fitness (7-8 min), lesson focus (15-20 min), and a game (5-7 min). The focus of Wilson PE is on success, social awareness, and high self esteem. Go Dragons!

Rules and Procedures:


  • Freeze, Look, Listen!
  • Follow Directions.
  • Respect others and equipment.
  • Hustle and say, “I’ll try!”


  • 1st Offense – Quiet Warning
  • 2nd Offense – Time Out (Student returns when ready)
  • 3rd Offense – Time Out (Student remains seated until talked to by teacher)


  • Happy Grams!
  • Stamps and Stickers!
  • Positive Call Home!
  • Feeling Great!


There will be two factors that will determine your child’s grade:

  • Participation
  • Behavior

Having an incredible attitude every day provides a rich and fun learning environment for students and teachers alike. Please encourage your child to do their absolute best in both these areas!



For the students’ safety and also to enable them to participate to the best of their ability, please make sure your child comes “ready to go” and properly dressed for their PE days. Comfortable, easy-to-move-in clothing and closed toed shoes are strongly recommended.



If your child is unable to participate in PE class, please send a written note with an explanation for excuse including your child’s name and the length of time the excuse is necessary. Your communication with us is greatly appreciated!


Gregg Veitel 472-7741
Angela Seng 472-7699