Second Grade

Second grade curriculum and instruction is aligned with the Arizona state standards.

The students are working on expanding various reading skills, including phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. They are also involved in the AR program. These components will help to build successful and independent readers. We also encourage the importance of reading practice at home in order to become successful readers. It is necessary to read to your child, with your child, or allow your child to read independently every day.

Students are involved in daily writing activities, which develop the Six Traits of Writing. Through a variety of writing applications, students will develop their written communication skills.

Ishikawa second-graders work on number patterns, time, money, data analysis, problem solving, geometry, and measurement. We provide opportunities for critical thinking, exploration, the use of manipulatives, and opportunities to relate their prior knowledge to what they are learning.

Social Studies and Science:

This year, we will be working with a variety of science and social studies kits. We will be enhancing our students' skills through the following units: transportation, scarcity, weather, the body, states of matter, and the life cycle of butterflies.

We are looking forward to a splendid educational year!