6th Grade

Sixth grade is a year of change with emphasis on maturing and becoming independent. With the help and support of students, parents, and teachers, a community is created based on high expectations and directed toward academic gain. By changing classes daily for reading, math, language, science and social studies, the students become independent and responsible for their success. Working with four teachers requires organization. Keeping track of all assignments is essential to success. We expect the students to keep a daily assignment calendar. Homework will be assigned in all classes regularly.

All instruction is based on the AZCCRS (Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards) and the Mesa Public Schools curriculum. Please access these standards on the Arizona Department of Education website for more specific descriptions of the sixth grade curriculum.

Reading is taught daily. The emphasis is on developing linguistic understanding through a variety of literary genres. Many different books and types of writing will be studied. Vocabulary and comprehension will be emphasized and tested weekly. The students will read and discuss informational, functional, and persuasive text.

Writing will occur in all content areas. The students will write daily. They will use the writing process effectively. The instruction will incorporate performance objectives using the 6-traits. Some of the writing may include essays, reports, poems, cold prompts, summaries, persuasive paragraphs, functional test, and literary responses.

Math instruction is based on building on prior knowledge to develop new skills and understanding of math at a higher level.  Problem-solving, reasoning, proof connections, and the representation of numbers in different ways are embedded throughout instruction. We will study number sense, number operations, estimation, data analysis, probability, discrete mathematics, patterns, algebra, functions, geometry, measurement, structure and logic. We will study the relationships between fractions, decimals, percents and positive/negative integers. There will be math assignments almost daily.  Project due dates vary.

In science we will use the inquiry processes to learn about the relationships in life science, changes in matter, and to explore the structure and processes of the Earth. We will also study the history and nature of science and how it influences personal and social perspectives.

Sixth grade history emphasizes World History from its earliest cultures through Enlightenment. The history strand includes American History, World History, Civics/Government, Geography, and Economics.