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Homework Tips for Parents

1.Create a homework zone. Establish a quiet place, with adequate light, for your child to complete their work.  You may even want to display some of their completed work and also use and incentive chart.
2.Make a daily plan/schedule for homework. Encourage your child to do their homework at the same time everyday.  Develop a routine, turn off the television and try to eliminate any other distractions for your child during this time period.  It is also helpful to remember to allow for a break right after school before jumping right into homework. 
3. Encourage and Reward.  Give your child lots of encouragement for their efforts and also for improvement.  Display a reward chart and have your child place a star (sticker) on the chart each time they complete their assignments. When your child collects 10 stars recognize it with some type of a reward, such as making a favorite snack, going to the park, or reading their favorite book together.
4. Watch for frustration. Make sure to let your child take a break or even move on to other assignments if one is causing them frustration.  Return at a later time to work on the assignment together as a team.
5. Do "adult" homework.  While your child is working on their homework, complete jobs such as opening mail, reading your book, or starting dinner. This way you are being a good role model to your child and they can observe you doing your work too!
6. Let your child do their work on their own.  Be supportive, but let your child do the work.  Simply providing the answers prevents your child from learning the material and will cause them frustration later.
7.  Communicate with your child's teacher.  Ask about the homework procedures at school, also discuss any concerns you may have and also share progress that your child is making toward their homework goals.
8. Help build organizational skills.  Work with your child to develop  a plan for completing  their homework.  Help them to organize their backpack and place it in a special place so that they know exactly where it is when they leave for school in the morning.