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Summer Sun
 Summer Brain Boosters

Summer break is a wonderful time in a child’s life, filled with refreshing days at the pool, exciting trips to distant locations and heart-pounding late night flashlight tag.  It can also be a time when students loose up to 2 and ½ months of the previous year’s acquired education.  Breaking up these lazy days with review and preparation can greatly reduce the summer brain drain and ready your child for the following year. 



 Below are suggested links for general math and language skills.  For grade specific units,  explore grade level links located on the previous "Tech Lab" page.


As a safety precaution, always monitor your child while they are online.


 What Every Student Should Know  Brain Boosters  School Time  


 Fun 4 The Brain  
Skill Games for Math and Language
 Sheppard Software Math Games  

 Hooda Math  
Math Facts Practice
 Math Trainer  

Fun with Science

Science Fair Ideas Science Buddies Science Bob  

Reading and Language

Summer Reading Suggested Reading  Creative Writing

 Handwriting Generator

Game Goo

 Wacky Web Tales  Comic Creator
Make Beliefs Comix  Ticket to Read    


1st grade spelling Spelling Words 3rd grade spelling and Vocabulary
4th grade spelling Spelling
6th Grade spelling