You should expect your child to have spelling homework each night.  Math and Reading instruction is done daily and your child may receive that instruction from another 5th grade teacher.  There will most likely will be assignments in each of those subjects. 

Sometimes, I give class time to work on assignments, but not always.  Be sure to check your child’s Responsibility Sheet to check if they have homework or if all homework was received for that day.  It should not take more than 45 minutes to complete ALL their homework.  Please notify me if your child is having difficulty and is spending more than 45 minutes on homework.    


mwMake up work

Students are expected to make up any missed assignments as soon as possible.  It's each students responsibility to go to the absent work bin to get any papers/assignments they missed.  It will be their responsibility to ask me for if they need any help with specific assignments. 

If your child does not have me for reading, then it will be their responsibility to see their reading teacher for any missed assignments. 

If a test is missed, it should be taken at the earliest lunch recess.