To help with organization a 2" binder is requested.  To help with organization, tt is helpful if the binder have 5 pocket folders for each of the following: Reading, Math, Social Studies/Science, Writing and Home.  We use composition notebooks for Reading, Science and Social Studies and a spiral notebook for writing.  I will supply them their notebooks, unless they want to use their own, that is perfectly fine. Since we switch for reading and math, pencil pouch is suggested for their binder.


Student Agenda's Notebook

5th Grade uses an Agenda that is keep in their binder.  This agenda will help keep you better informed of your child’s daily assignments, upcoming tests, behavior and test scores.  The agenda will go home daily in their binder.  I do not use Friday Folders, so it will be your child's responsibility to review the Agenda with you on Friday and bring it back signed on Monday.  All test scores will be marked in their Agenda, as they are graded.  The Students will put the actual test in their binder, so please ask to see the test(s).