Mrs. Ashleigh Cramer

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My name is Ashleigh Cramer. I started in Mesa Public Schools during the 2018-2019 school year. I teach resource special education and primarily work with fifth and sixth graders. I taught for 5 years before staying home with my kids and have been here at Ishikawa since I came back. 

While I enjoy teaching all subjects, math is my favorite. I love getting students ready for junior high and helping them to feel independent and successful. Social group is a highlight of my week. I believe that school is more than just math and language arts. As a teacher I am helping students reach their greatest potential socially and emotionally. I look forward to many more years of teaching here at Ishikawa Elementary School.

2020-2021 School year

This school year is very different from anything we have done before. It's new and exciting and scary. It's important to have a positive perspective on things so that we can all work together for a successful year. I am 100% dedicated to making it a great year and having fun from a distance. It will have it's ups and downs and together we will get through it, I promise. School is such an important place to learn and grow and we will do everything we can to get the kids back here as soon as possible. 

Resource Groups: For resource this year I am working closely with the teachers to determine the best situation for individual students. Some of my students will be doing 100% of the work with their class with support from me or another staff member. Other students will be doing partial work with their class with supports in place. Some may be doing more work with me than with their class. Each week I will be examining where my students are at, where to push them, and where to pull back. I believe the students will need to work hard, but not to the point of feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Learning is fun when done right and that's my goal. 

Weekly Surveys: I will be sending the students a weekly survey at the end of each week to gauge where they are at. This will hopefully give you an opportunity to have a quick conversation with your child to determine if they're bored, stressed, overwhelmed, taking too long on assignments, or satisfied with where things are at. This will also give me a better glimpse of how to support your child. The survey will look the same each week.

Email is the best way to get a hold of me. I have 3 little kids at home and will be doing a balancing act with them and with teaching. It's a challenge that I am happy to take on. I will do my best to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Please be patient as we figure all of this out. And are resilient. We've got this.

Click below to see my welcome back video for the 20-21 school year!