Tent lighted in foreground with a nature scene in background. Welcome to 5th Grade.

Mrs. Cristi Van Horn

cmvanhorn@mpsaz.org / (480) 472-7722

Welcome to 5th grade at Ishikawa for the 2020-20221 school year. Things are a little different this year as we are embarking in online school, but I'm confident we will have a great year in 5th grade and I look forward to working with you. 

Please sign up for a parent/teacher conference time below and fill out the parent/guardian input form if you have not already done so for my class. 

January 2021 Parent-Teacher Conference

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Upcoming Dates 2021

1/4- 1st Day of Spring Semester!  Welcome back to online learning.

1/11-1/15- Parent/Teacher Conferences (Please see sign up link to the right)

Extra-Early 12pm release all week

1/18- MLK Day- No School

2/15- President's Day- No School

3/5- End of 3rd Quarter Grading Period (12pm Release) -All student work due by 12pm!

3/8-3/12- Spring Break- No School

Helpful Links for Learning

Epic (Links to an external site.) - (minimum) 20 mins everyday.

Class code: ati4178

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typingclub.com (Links to an external site.)- (minimum) 20 mins at least twice a week.

1. click "login with Google"  


2. Type your active directory information to login:

username: (initials and 4-digit code)

password: (6-digit code)

XtraMath (Links to an external site.)- (minimum) 10 mins at least three times a week.

1. My email: cmvanhorn@mpsaz.org

2. Your first name with capital letter 

3. Your pin (sent in Canvas/Email)