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Below is a list of activities and sites that you can look into for ideas related to being active while at home.  Hope you enjoy. Subscribe and never miss a new episode.

My YouTube Channel

Here you will find an ever growing list of videos that I have made which will provide you with some fun and active ideas to challenge you at home.


Mr. Gardner’s YouTube Channel

Former Ishikawa PE teacher and currently teaching at Hale Elementary, Mr. Gardner is ‘one of a kind.  Please take a look at what he has to offer related to being Fit and Active away from school.


At Home Activity Calendar


Tabata Pro Workout Timer app

Workout timer app in which you can easily set workout interval times and incorporate you music playlist.



This is a terrific 'free' site with a plethora of short 'brain break' activity videos developed for kids.


Cosmic Kids 

Yoga based video site for kids


Yoga for Kids

YouTube site with yoga activities for kids


Sun Salutation Video


Virtual Running or Walking Videos

This is one site dedicated to running within the state of Arizona.  These are terrific to view while running on a treadmill, or jogging in place on a small trampoline or on the floor.  Also, if you search YouTube, you will find a large number of videos from other areas of the country and the world.


Jump It app

This is a jump rope app which provides quite a few different techniques both for individual ropes and long ropes.  You can easily find this at the Apple App Store.


Smiling Mind app

This is a terrific app, particularly for families interested in exploring ‘mindfulness’ and quiet meditative, peaceful activities.  I encourage you to sign up and explore either as an entire group, or as individuals.  


Contraction Grid app

This is a mind focusing application.  Object is to cross off numbers within the grid in consecutive order, beginning at 1 and continuing to final number.  With this program you can build whatever’s size grid you would like.  Once you click off first number the timer begins.


Deck of Cards Workout

Deck of Cards Workout Card

Open this image in another window.  You will then see how this workout begins to take shape.  Using a deck of cards, minus the Jokers, you will flip the first card over and determine the suit...Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, Clubs.  Each of these, as can be seen on the image, corresponds to a specific area of exercise...abdominal, upper body, flexibility, and cardiovascular.  Using a timer, or Tabata Pro Timer app I have shown on my YouTube channel, perform exercise for 20 - 30 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds.  During this pause, flip over the next card and determine the next exercise.


Sweat Deck app

Same idea as above, however, this is an app you can place on your mobile device.


Let's Move...Staying Active with Kids!!

An extensive list of 'at home' fitness/active ideas.




Meditation and Mind Calming - the following are apps for mobile devices related to finding quiet and peacefulness.


Insight Timer



Rain Sounds HQ