Sixth Grade:

Mrs. Lindsay Rinchack


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Room # 102

Phone: (480) 472-7692


       I graduated in the spring of 2006 from Arizona State University with my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. 



         I grew up in Mesa and was actually a student in Mesa Public Schools.  My father was an educator so I spent a lot of my time after school and during the summer helping other teachers. I had a lot of practice in putting up the bulletin boards, laminating, arranging desks, grading work, and through it all, I acquired a love a teaching.  My pursuit in teaching has come from all the wonderful teachers who showed me what real passion looks, sounds, and feels like!

           In November of 2006 I married my husband, Chris.  We both share a love for golfing, going to ASU football games, and traveling to Disneyland.  We have 2 beautiful girls named Olivia (3 years old) and Ellie (1 year old), and a golden retriever named Kahlua (11 years old). We love to go to the park together, watch Disney movies, or just goof around. They brings smiles to our faces and are growing so quickly. I always have stories to share, as well as pictures.


        I have been teaching at Ishikawa since 2006. Working here with such inspiring teachers has made my experiences so special.  I am starting my thirteenth year here, and am happy to be teaching sixth grade again this year. I feel very lucky to come into a school with such amazing teachers and supportive parents.  I am so grateful for everything that has happened to me and I wouldn't change a thing!        

Mrs. Rinchack