2020 Meet the Teacher

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Room 101


I have been a part of the Ishikawa family either as a parent, or as a teacher for 27 years.  My husband and I love to travel whenever we have the opportunity to do so.  We have done 6 cruises, one where we had the opportunity to visit 7 South American countries which added to our bucket list of 48 countries.  We completed another adventure last summer where we visited 4 countries in Europe again.  One of the countries was brand new for us. We have now added another country, Wales which gave us the opportunity to add 1 more country.  Yes, Wales is considered a country! No I didn't get to see Princess Kate!  I love expanding my knowledge about other cultures.

This summer we stayed in Island Park because of Covid 19. We had a house on Island Park Reservoir where we could dock our boat.  We enjoyed the cool weather both in the day time as well as the nights. The day after we returned I broke my ankle and so my adventure has been from my recliner after my surgery.

Our 6th grade will look a little different from past years.  Our class will be self contained for the year.  As you know now, we will be starting our year on line.  This is a bit scary, but it will be another adventure.  All of us will be learning together, however, we can do this!

Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it."  I truly believe this and we can dream it together, which means WE CAN DO IT!