Fundraisers at Jefferson

We have planned fundraising that will help support our school needs. We encourage your participation to help Jefferson meet these needs. If you need more information on the following Fundraisers, please call the school to find out how you can help.


Thank you for everything you do,
Principal Montes

Earn points for Jefferson by shopping at Superstition Springs Center!

Every time you shop at Superstition Springs, bring your receipts to Guest Services (they will log them and keep points for Jefferson.) Our school earns 5 points per dollar spent.

What happens with these points? They are turned into gift cards that the PTO uses to support our teachers throughout the year. We can earn up to $2,000 for our school!

Want to earn $2,500 points in the next 3 minutes for Jefferson? It’s EASY! Visit and select Superstition Springs Center to register. Jefferson will earn 1,000 points each for joining School Cents and Superstition Springs Center’s email lists.

“Liking” Superstition Springs Center on Facebook will earn us another 500 points! Go to Click on the green “School Cents” at the top, then select Jefferson from the menu.

Do you purchase gift cards? Have your own business and use gift cards for incentives? You can earn Jefferson 1,000 points for EACH mall gift card you purchase! Visit Guest Services on the Lower Level to purchase gift cards and earn Jefferson these bonus points.

Want more details? Click the link for more information: Superstition Springs School Cents

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Sunny Delight Labels for Books