Ms. Edna Corona

(Family Support Specialist)

e-mail or call 480-472-8661

     As the Family Support Specialist my job is to assist parents in finding resources at school or in the community to help their student and/or family succeed.

Some ways I assist are through:

  • Parent Involvement - Help parents become more involved in their children education. Research confirms that when parents are involved in the education of the child, that child is more focused, comfortable, and trusting and excels in both academics and social behavior.
  • Parent Resource Room -School, Community References and Internet access to find additional resources.
  • Translating in school events, conferences, parent teacher meetings, to help keep the lines of communication open between the Spanish speaking parents and the school and teachers.
  • Family Literacy Program
  • Volunteer Opportunities - Teachers are always in need of volunteers. If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact your students teacher or staff member you wish to assist. If you have a language barrier or have little kids at home but wish to volunteer, one way to help the teachers is by coming to room #11 on Wednesdays.(during school hours) Or contact me for other ideas.