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Thank you for enrolling your child for kindergarten at Johnson Elementary School.  Kindergarten is the first and most important year of schooling for children.  Please use the following websites (to the right of this letter), resources, and information to help prepare your child for a successful transition into kindergarten. We look forward to seeing you in August. 

Resources: Printable materials to use with your child
  • Sound chart and letter chart attached
  • Number chart attached
  • Picture Frame and Handwriting lines
Academic Skills: List of academic skills to work on before coming to Kindergarten
  • Name Colors
  • Count to 20
  • Use scissors to cut paper
  • Hold a pencil
  • Write first name
  • Draw a picture of a person (body, limbs, head) 
  • Coloring in lines 
Student skills: 
  • Sit still and listen to a story
  • Follow 3 step directions
  • Able to go to bathroom independently



Helpful Documents

100s chart
What Every Kindergartener Should Know
Draw Your Family
ABCs with Pictures

Free and Reduced Lunch Program

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