Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Mesa Public School Department of Special Education is to provide appropriate special education programming for all students with educational disabilities and to promote programming that will accomplish the successful transition of disabled students from school to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, independent living, and community participation.

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Special Education Programs at Johnson

  • Learning Disabled
  • Intellectually Disabled
  • Preschool
  • Speech and Language

Itinerant Programs on Campus Weekly at Johnson

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Adaptive Physical Education

Who, What, Where:

  • Robert Roth: Psychologist 472-6772
  • Michelle Noe, Specific Learning Disabled (SLD) 472-6834
  • Jennifer McDermott, Specific Learning Disabled (SLD) 472-6835
  • Shannon Stanley, Disabled Moderately Intellectually Disabled (MOID)  3rd-4th  472-6822
  • Deveney Haws, Moderately Intellectually Disabled (MOID) 5th/6th  472-6821
  • Ashley Scow, Moderately Intellectually Disabled (MOID) 4th/5th 472-6823
  • Sue Everett, Speech and Language Impaired (SLI) 472-6771
  • Vanessa Eckman, Preschool 472-6808
  • Lindsey Cassidy, Preschool 472-6809
  • Ruth John, Preschool 472-6832

Deveney Haws

MOID 5th-6th Grade Room 21
480-472-6821 dhaws@mpsaz.org

Shannon Stanley

MOID 3rd-4th

Ashley Scow

MOID Kindergarten
480-472-6823 aescow@mpsaz.org

Amy Stevens

Autism 1st-3rd
480-472-6823 arstevens@mpsaz.org

Jennifer McDermott

Specific Learning Disabilities
480-472-6835 jamcderm@mpsaz.org

Michelle Noe

Specific Learning Disabilities Room 33
480-472-6833 mgnoe@mpsaz.org

Sue Everett

Speech & Language Impairment Room 25A
480-472-6771 steveret@mpsaz.org

Vanessa Eckman

Special Ed Preschool Room 8
480-472-6808 vdeckman@mpsaz.org

Lindsey Cassidy

Special Ed Preschool Room 9
480-472-6809 lrcassidy@mpsaz.org

Ruthee John

Special Ed Preschool Room 32
480-472-6832 rljohn@mpsaz.org