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Heat Policy

Johnson Elementary School follows district protocols that relate to heat and the outdoor activities (recess) for students.  Johnson has further coded the system to help relay expectations to students and supervising playground staff.  The following is the color system in place at Johnson.  This is based upon the combination of the overall temperature for the day as well as the impact the current humidity has on the overall temperature (Heat Index).

Green Day: This is a normal recess day with full activities for students.  This is typically what we experience at Johnson during October through April.


Yellow Day: This is when the heat index indicates the potential for Heat Exhaustion.  Students are permitted outside but are not permitted to play in activities that require running.  Students are encouraged to play in shaded areas and are urged during their recess to stop and take a water break.


Red Day: This is when the Heat Index indicates that outdoor play could lead to health concerns.  At this point, we alter lunch recess to a "rainy day" schedule.  Students, after eating in the cafeteria, return to their classrooms for lunch recess.


Temperatures (with a focus on the Heat Index), during the hotter times of the year, are monitored during throughout the day, but especially during lunch recess.  Daytime highs typically occur at 4 pm, but that does not mean that lunch time recess (or even morning recess) might reach critical levels.

Johnson encourages parents to please discuss the important of drinking water throughout the day and taking a water bottle to school.  

The Johnson staff understands the balance of play and work very closely as we realize that scheduled time of outdoor play is beneficial to learning and developing young minds and bodies; but staying hydrated is critically important to learning.