Dear Parents,

After working with the City of Mesa and Mesa Public School’s Security, a slight modification has been made to help alleviate some of the congestion during student pick-up at the end of the school day.

The following will be put into effect as of Wednesday, October 18th, 2017:

  1. The “No Parking” sign located at the beginning entrance to the Montessori pick-up area has been removed.  Parents can stay in their vehicles, with the intention of picking up students from the traditional pick-up area, in this area up to the School Zone sign posted in the middle of 38th Street.

  2. Cones will be placed along the curb in the School Zone as cars cannot stop in this area.

  3. This area is the School Zone, and, as per law, no passing can occur in this area.  Cars will either be driving down the street through this zone, or traveling around the cones in order to enter the traditional school’s pick-up area.

  4. As a reminder, U-turns in any School Zone is prohibited by law.

  5. Also, as a courtesy to other parents, and for safety, please follow the flow of traffic on 38th street as it pertains to remaining in one line, staying in your vehicles and entering the student pick-up area.

If other changes are made to the Johnson pick-up procedures, parents will be notified in the similar matter as this posting.  

Thank you for your patience and it is hoped that this change, as minor as it may be, will positively impact the flow of traffic, and most of all, the safety of our students.


Gregory S. Reid, Ed.D.





This signage denotes the beginning of the coned zone. There is also a sign that denotes the end of this zone as well.  Pass through this zone to either travel down 38th Street or to move forward in-line to the traditional campus pick-up area. No stopping in this zone.  A sign like this was posted at the beginning of the Montessori pick-up area.  This sign is no longer present.  Parents are permitted to line-up along this curb until they approach the cones.


sign 2  
This signage denotes the zone in the street.  Please obey the speed. Cones are set-up within this area to prevent passing and discourage stopping; this  keeps it safer for motorists and pedestrians. No U-turns within this zone.