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How to Pick-up Your Child on 38th Street

For Car Pick-up Use dark sharpie to write information

Name Placard for Car (pick-up)
Maple and Pueblo Intersection

For families that have children using the intersection of Maple and Pueblo, there are few things you need to be aware of before sending your child to walk to school.

1) It is highly encouraged that your child/children walk down to the crossing guard at the front of the school (Pueblo and 38th).  This is a city designated crossing area.

2) If your child crosses Maple or crosses Pueblo at the intersection of Maple and Pueblo, the City of Mesa has told us that the crossing guard cannot use a stop sign.  

3) The employee posted at Pueblo and Maple (before school and at dismissal) will wear a safety vest, but, by decree of the City of Mesa, cannot stop traffic or carry a stop sign.  At best, this employee can encourage students to cross with the guard at Pueblo and 38th, or this employee can walk with your child/children across the intersection.

4) It is important to note that the employee walking with students is Johnson's best effort to help maintain a safe intersection; however, families, by the City of Mesa, assume the risk for their children crossing at the intersection of Maple and Pueblo.